Tango Show & Concert : See, Listen, and Hug! 

Tango, Dream, and.... Abrazo

Act 1_ Tango and Dreams 

  1. Prologue – Fernando comes back!

  2. Opening Performance – A Live milonga with 12 dancers

  3. Tango Concert – Lautaro Greco and Solo Tango Orquesta

  4. About Tango

  5. Performance ‘Gricel’ – Juan Pablo & Rocio Garcia


Back when Argentina was one of the wealthiest countries in the world,

Tango offered a consolation to the migrants from Europe, who made their hard living working at the docks.

Originally frowned upon as a peasants’ dance, Tango made their way to Europe and became a sensation.

Buenos Aires was feeling back that heat. Tango was fashionable!

The story begins with a welcome party for Fernando, who came back to Buenos Aires after studying in Europe for ten years.

His hometown, the port of Boca, welcomes him with open arms. 


Act 2_ Abrazo

  1. Performance ‘Milongueando en el 40’ – Juan & Rocio

  2. Tango Concert – Lautaro Greco and Solo Tango Orquesta

  3. Performance – Juan & Rocio, Daniel & Agustina

  4. Finale – Musicians and 12 dancers

  5. Curtain Call – All Cast 

+ Epilogue – Stage Milonga with the Audience

Tango-Cal Synopsis

You are invited to the time of Tango on this September night,

where you will shed the dusts from mundane life and warmly give a hug to each other.

" We looked up at the moon and the stars,

  dancing tango… so romantic.

  Hundreds of young boys and girls,        

  completely in love with Tango.

  I fell in love with her.

  Dance was just an excuse.

  Do you understand?

  Dancing… was poor men’s pleasure in life"

We were reminded of this line from some film when

we discovered this theatre which opens

at the ceiling and you can look up to the night sky.

We wanted to show people the romance of Tango here,

which may be only a small, hidden dream for some. 

As the stage light comes on and tango orquestra

fills this beautiful space with their soul-rocking music,

dreaming tango dancers start their romantic ‘abrazo’. 

" Look at their faces. It does not matter

  who they are, what they do, how old they are…

  at least for the moments they are dancing. 

  It is… like an addiction"

When the show’s over, the audience takes over the stage.

On the floor you have been looking at with excitement and

joy, you will enjoy the milonga with a warm abrazo. 

" I was not dancing tango. I was loving him.

 Tango is like that. A Love"