Meet Tango, UNESCO Cultural Heritage, 

in the tranquil atmosphere of the traditional Korean palace


Tango in Palace


Tang. Go. Gung


14:00~17:00, 18:10~21:00 
Changgyung-gung Palace

[ Program ]

14:00~17:00_ Milonga ( Munjeong-Jeon )
                      _ Concert and Exhibition (Tongmyeong-Jeon)

17:00~18:00_ Dinner (Meal is not included) 
18:10_ The Palace closes for the day-visits and regular visitors exit 
18:10~19:15_ Admission for the reserved tangueros. Moonlight Milonga
at Munjeong-Jeon
19:15~19:30_ Intro (Reserved visitors’ admission for the palace’s Night Opening)
19:30~21:00_ Tang. Go. Gung. Main Performance

Meet Tango, UNESCO Cultural Heritage, in the tranquil atmosphere of the traditional Korean palace.

Private Tango performances, the concert, and the Moonlight Milonga

for the enjoyment of local and international tangueros, and non-dancing visitors with a special reservation!


A special Tango concert by Solo Tango Orquesta and a star bandoneonist from Argentina, Lautaro Greco.

Dazzling performances by Argentinean Tango masters, Juan & Rocio and Daniel & Agustina.

Moonlight Milonga at the palace with the global tangueros from

Japan, Taiwan, China, Italia, U.S. and many other countries. 

(DJ: Diego Xen) 

A special event with a radio actor Yoon So-ra,

a collaboration performance of Argentinean Tango masters with Daegeum musician Lee Geun-sik and Tango singer Mina,

at atmospheric Changgyeong-gung, where Joseon Dynasty’s Kings lived.

A special Tango experience combining literature, vocal music, concerts and dance waits for you! 

Bring back all the memories of a special night at the palace with you!